Bibliography of published papers

Article about a trip to Marconi's boyhood home in Italy

On-line versions of published Papers:

A Yank at Easingwold (11 pages, 432 Kb)

California's Standardized Emergency Management System (3 pages, 220 Kb)

Disaster Management in the Carmel River Floods (7 pages, 360 Kb)

Disaster Information Networks (11 pages, 624 Kb)

Disaster Preparedness Activities in California After the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake (10 pages, 380 Kb)

Disaster Management Conferences on the Internet (3 pages, 220 Kb)

Comprehensive Disaster Planning for Earthquakes (5 pages, 396 Kb)

Emergency Managers Mutual Aid in California (7 pages, 260 Kb)

A Professional Exchange Visit to China (4 pages, 220 Kb)

Terrorism and School Violence (9 pages, 484 Kb)